I Got Tagged By Kris!!

I AM: Extremely exhausted, but used to it.
I WANT: Financial security
I WISH: I could snap my fingers and have everything just the way I like it
I HATE: smokers
I MISS: my sister, Lura
I FEAR: something really bad happening to one of my kids
I HEAR: the dryer going and Aiden playing with a large pile of pennies on my bed
I WONDER: how some people really do seem to have all the luck in the world
I REGRET: past stupid decisions
I AM NOT: a good housekeeper
I DANCE: as much as I possibley can, without caring
I SING: for my kids and in church
I CRY: at every single stinkin’ thing these days
I AM NOT ALWAYS: kind or thoughtful to the people I care about the most
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: bread (sometimes)
I WRITE: because I love it and it gives me a good release
I CONFUSE: TV characters with real friends
I NEED: a loooooong nap… uninterrupted
I SHOULD: clean the kitched right now
I START: everything with good intentions
I FINISH: in my own time
I TAG: Laural, Lura, Mom, and anyone else who wants to do this one.


5 responses to “I Got Tagged By Kris!!

  1. Cool, thanks for the tag–will do!
    And I also like how concise yet complete your answers were…think I’m up to it? Sigh–we’ll see!

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