Another Holiday, Come and Gone

It seems as if holidays come with all this great anticipation, but once it actually gets here, I almost always feel let down. It’s not that it’s a big bust or anything. It’s just that nothing seems to ever live up to all the hype or to the “memories” you have from childhood. And even those memories are hardly real. Just blown-up incidents in your brain.

Our Easter was actually pretty quiet. We started by my taking the kids to an egg hunt sponsored by the UNR Alumni Association. Ches had to work all day. We got there just in time, and Aiden was all ready with his basket. I even remembered the camera to take pictures! All the preschool-aged kids were lined up, someone (with the authority to do so) yelled go, and I said, “Go Aiden! Go get eggs!!” I wanted to stand back and let him at it, like I thought all the other parents would.

Boy, was I wrong. EVERY parent (okay, except for a small few who seemed to be of the same mindset as me) charged in there with their kids and started getting eggs! Aiden was not at the front of the pack, so the place was practically wiped out within 30 seconds and he had NO eggs in his basket. I had to rush in there (Dallin in my arms) just to make sure Aiden wouldn’t get trampled. He was scared. Seriously, these other parents were brutal. Aiden eventually got one egg because a parent was throwing eggs into her kids’ baskets, saw that Aiden didn’t have anything, and threw one in his. Aiden was not the only kid to not get any eggs. We finally found some college-aged-looking girls who had grocery bags of eggs that they were throwing out on the ground for kids who were still searching. They eventually just started putting eggs in kids’ baskets, so Aiden got two more, then his friend, Kaely, gave him one from her basket.

I’m still upset at the behavior of these other parents. Way to let your KIDS do an Easter egg hunt! Way to show your kids how to be kind and step back so the kids in the back can get an egg! I saw kids with big baskets and buckets FULL of eggs. I don’t think we’ll be going back next year.

Late Saturday night, after the kids were finally in bed, the Easter bunny made a run to Wal-Mart to get treats for Easter. Advice for the Easter bunny for next year: Don’t wait until 11 pm Saturday to go shopping for Easter goodies. The good stuff is all gone. We will try and find some sales around town this week to make up for the Easter bunny’s failure, I think. The good news: This is the first year we got gifts in our basket! In our house, we only ever have Easter chocolates and candies. However, the Easter bunny felt so bad (s)he found “A Bug’s Life” on DVD for only $14, so the whole family got a treat. Aiden got a little basketball hoop that should stick to walls with suction cups (turns out it sticks to the window only) and has a foam ball. Dallin got a soft book of Noah’s Ark with three little finger puppets that also stick into the book.

Sunday morning was nice, and we all ate lots of candy for breakfast. I had gotten some of those really yummy huge muffins from the bakery at the grocery store, but some people would just rather eat candy on Easter morning. We got the boys dressed in their nice, new Easter outfits, and just as we’re about to head to church, Aiden had an accident. Oops. So he ended up wearing pants that totally didn’t match. Oh, well.

I made a yummy Easter dinner after church of ham, mashed potatos, a macaroni/tuna salad, deviled eggs, rolls, and brown-sugar glazed carrots. However, I was so tired from making dinner, I wasn’t really hungry anymore! The leftovers have been nice today, however.

And that, my friends, is the low-down on my Easter. Pretty quiet, pretty boring, but it was actually nice to just be with my family. I love my husband, and I love my kids. Who needs all the extra bells and whistles, anyway??


6 responses to “Another Holiday, Come and Gone

  1. That’s more bells and whistles than I associate with Easter. Good for you! Happy Easter!

    and yes, the behaviour of those parents is deplorable.

  2. We took our girls to a few egg hunts like yours… we were so disgusted that we didn’t go back. This year though, we are in such a small town that we only had one choice as to where to take the kids. So we went, and let me tell you, I LOVED IT! The woman in charge made it a rule that if your child can walk, the parent may not touch the eggs. I could walk along with L and encourage her to pick them up, but if I were caught picking even one egg up, I would be ejected from the park… L got her fair share of eggs and it took more than thirty seconds for the field to be picked clean… it was nice 🙂

  3. Like you, I often feel a little let down after certain holidays. This Easter was especially bad.

    As Jago is still too young for egg hunts, or even caring about the Easter bunny, we didn’t do anything. We went to church, naturally, but that was disappointing too. We sang 2 Easter hymns (I couldn’t even sing along, as I was back in overflow and didn’t have a hymn book), and I think one speaker spoke on the resurrection (I couldn’t hear very well, again I was in overflow and it’s loud back there). No one ever said anything about it being Easter at all.
    Next year will be better. At least Jesse will be home.

  4. No Easter egg hunt for the first time in over 30 years. No Easter dinner either–the three of us couldn’t agree, so I gave up and cooked my veggies for me and ate almost all my Easter candy. I was depressed. R and Dad both said thank you when I handed them their candy stashes without comment–no one hid them (the kids job for generations once the Easter Bunny is outgrown.) At least we had a pretty good Easter Service. Including a bell. Our chapel has a bell which is rung on Christmas and Easter.

    Holidays are getting bad here. bah humbug? But I enjoyed getting the Easter box ready for Aiden and Dallin. Next year they will be older…:D

    Oh, and now you see why we did family Easter egg hunts. Although the ones at St. Hyacinth’s Academy were always good ones…

  5. Growing up we ONLY did family easter egg hunts. My aunt and her two daughters would come out to our house along with my grandparents and we would be banished to the house while my aunt and mom hid stuff around our big backyard. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t even KNOW there were community easter egg hunts on saturdays till I was a parent.

    This is the first year we did a real easter. Past years the kids weren’t old enough to know about the easter bunny. My in-laws came down from Idaho and met me in Utah. Its tradition with their family for $$ to be hid in the eggs. This year was no exception. Only catch is that the aunts and uncles got to participate in the easter egg hunt. My kids were happy to find their 3 or 4 eggs. But me as a parent was mad that the aunts and uncles found almost all of the eggs including 7 of the 8 eggs with $20 bills in them. All going to my SIL and her husband. I found the 8th. I was even more angry when I saw the sad look on my 12 yr old SIL’s face.

    Next time we have an easter egg hunt with my inlaws I’m requesting two egg hunts. One for the kids and one for the “older kids”.

    Sorry for the rant. You can have your blog back now.

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