I Want to Be

Comfortable (financially)
A good mother

I think I have a lot to work on.


6 responses to “I Want to Be

  1. Don’t we all have a lot to work on? I will however, remind you that we are always most critical of ourselves 🙂

  2. I think you are a lot of those things already! That list could exactly have been what I wrote about myself, so I can completely understand how you feel.

    But I really do think you are most of those things already.

  3. Can I steal that list? Then I don’t have to think of one on my own! Creativity and imagination are very low on my skills list lately…just ask Abi!

    I think you are wonderful and at least on your way to perfection with all of your list! Good luck on the continueing journey!

  4. Seeing your list makes me think of all the things I have to work on for myself. There is not a lot of overlap on our respective lists, though. That probably means that you are already all the things I would really like to be.

    Plus, I think there are a lot of things on your list that you are already and don’t need to work on.

  5. i just want to be a pirate. somehow i think you’ll achieve your goals first. heh (and i think you’ve probably achieved several of them already.)

    great list.

  6. Good list, and I agree with April, we all have a lot to work on and the thing is, while you may not be perfect at those things yet, you are well on your way. 🙂

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