If The Phone Is Ringing… Please Answer It!

This is for doctor’s offices. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there, like me, who screens their phone calls. I have caller ID now, so I just look at the number and ignore it. Before I had caller ID, if I didn’t feel like answering the phone, I didn’t. If it was someone I actually liked, then I would answer the phone (if they bothered to leave a message, that is. Otherwise, how would I know?).

When we were first living in Preston, Ches’ stepgrandmother (an aweful woman who we had to put up with for unknown reasons) would call at 8 in the morning to ask me a question. Now, I wasn’t working at the time, I didn’t have kids, and we lived in the middle of a cow pasture (okay, okay, not in the middle, but just about. I named the cows that were just outside my backyard because I was so bored). To me, 8 am was really early, so yes, I was often still asleep. Stepgranny would start talking and talking. She would bring up family business that was really none of my business. She would insult family members. She would try to persuade me to do things that I had no interest in, or take furniture or belongings from her (more like buy than take). Once I finally got her off the phone, she would call me right back — within 15 seconds — and say “Oh, I forgot…” and continue on for another 20 minutes! Argh! So I stopped answering my phone and would pretend I had gone out.

Sorry, I got a little sidetracked there. Back to the matter at hand.

When I call a doctor’s office, I expect someone to answer the phone! Especially since they don’t have a machine to pick up and take a message! I need a new prescription written, and since my other doctor has gone AWOL, I thought I’d try my OB/GYN who gave me this prescription in the first place. And he’s super nice. I know that you don’t actually go to an OB/GYN for this kind of medication, but I have no insurance, I have no other doctor, and I need a new script written! So yesterday I called, got to the right extension, and let it ring about 10 times before I hung up. I called again later, let it ring even longer, and someone picked up.

“Hi, I need a prescription written please.”

“And who is your doctor?”

“Dr. Johnson.”

“Are you pregnant?”

“No! It’s…”

“Is this for birth control?”

“No, it’s…”

“Then what is it for?”

“Well, it’s kind of complicated.”

“Okay, the nurses are on call until 4:30, and will call you back.”

So I waited. I had to go to my rehearsal, and of course it was at that time that the nurse called back, and left a message for me. She gave me the regular phone number. Today I have called three times and let it ring at least 15 times each time. No answer. No what do I do? I’ll keep calling, but what if I still can’t get through?

I am so tired of everything being so hard.


9 responses to “If The Phone Is Ringing… Please Answer It!

  1. I hate it when things like that happen. Its so frustrating.

    A side note that has nothing to do with doctor’s offices… Shane hates answering the phone. We got caller id just so I wasn’t always the one answering. Before when the phone would ring he’d yell out “NOT IT” so he wouldn’t have to answer it. Even now when the phone rings he’ll pick it up and look at the caller id, and if its not a name (or #) he immediately recognizes he practically throws the phone at me so I have to answer it.

  2. Because, Therese, is someone who needs something. But if I’m calling YOU and you don’t answer, that’s okay. You don’t have to answer your own phone. Offices do. That’s my rule of the day.

    Besides, if I called you, I’m afraid not of drunk calling, but drunk answering. Oh wait, that could be fun. What’s your number??

    ABQ, I actually hate answering the phone, too, but not as much as Shane, I guess. I also hate making calls. I would rather have Ches do it. I make him order pizza or make appointments… if I can get him to do it. Sometimes he makes me call anyway. Says it’s good for me or some such thing. Whatever.

  3. so did you ever hear back from them? man, that’s frustrating.

    and sariah, let me apologize for not being on yahoo more. i am really, really swamped right now with work, and also trying to see my way out of another little situation, and honestly, it’s just my way of self preservation. too many chats keep me from doing what i need to be doing. sigh.

    i’ll be back on soon though. if not this week, next.

  4. Nope, still haven’t heard back. And I keep calling, but the office is actually closed now. The good news is that my parents know a doctor who moved here recently, so Mom is giving him a call so I should hopefully have a prescription soon.

    It’s okay, Cara. I’ll chat with you when you can. I hope I’m not making you feel guilty or anything. Although that could be a good thing. 😉

  5. The more I learn about you, the more we have in common. If I stress out enough, I can make myself cry over having to make a phone call.

    But if it was my job to answer the phone, I would.



    i only feel guilty when i’ve done something wrong, but nice try, grace.


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