Throwing in the Towel

We give up. I’m just too tired to deal with it anymore. I was lying on my bed, sobbing the other night because I can’t handle this. Ches is frustrated beyond belief and is sick of this process, too. So we made a decision.

We are no longer potty-training Aiden.

It has been a year — a year!!! — and there has been no success. I have read every book and followed the instructions to the letter. I have followed every single piece of advice given to me (asked for or not), and it all has the same results. It works for a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks, and then we’re back to square one. My house smells like pee and poop and I’m sick of doing 500 loads of laundry every week just too keep up with clean underwear and jeans for Aiden!

Aiden apparantly doesn’t want to be potty trained, so we’re done. We are back to him wearing Pull-Ups (known in our household as “diaper underwear”), and he will get diaper changes just like Dallin does. He will be treated like a baby when it comes to all potty-realted issues.

When he is ready to try again, he will tell us and we will do it. Until then… I’m not going to keep putting myself through this hell. I have other things to deal with.


10 responses to “Throwing in the Towel

  1. Sariah, no where will you find a question on a college entrance exam as to when you were potty trained. I happen to know some very well ajusted adults that were not potty trained till age 6. Seriously, don’t worry about it, if you push him too hard, it will only make it harder on you and on him…

  2. you know what? we all move at our own pace. i think he’s smarter than the average person… i mean, right now… he doesn’t have to worry about finding a bathroom, holding it, blah… blah. i’m jealous. heh.

    don’t sweat it. when he’s ready, he’ll do what he needs to.

  3. If he is really not ready than he isn’t ready, but i found one week after i was ready to throw in the towel it clicked. Both boys still had accidents but it just clicked. you know your boy better than I do. maybe a break with no pressure is what he needs.

  4. besides he won’t be going off to college in a diaper. That just doesn’t happen in a normal healthy boy like yours. E C wasn’t trained until she was over 4 and D and E weren’t trained until after 3 so maybe its a inlaw thing. He does have some of their genes. I’m kidding Ches.

  5. Sometimes throwing in the towel is all you CAN do. Its a power struggle, and currently he has the power. Let it go for awhile, no pressure, take it easy, and don’t get mad when you have to change a diaper. I know it stinks, just think, it can ONLY get better!

  6. YIKES…I hear ya. Thing One was not fully trained until he was THREE. We also were the worst potty trainers ever…we used bribery, with CANDY, lots and lots of candy. AND we haven’t even started with Thing Two who turns three in April. I feel your pain!


  7. Hey Sariah don’t worry about it. Our youngest didn’t potty train until he was almost 4 and still had accidents until he was 5. I thought it was something I was doing wrong my other 3 were all potty trained before they were 3. But every child is different. And when he is ready he will let you know.

  8. I’m sorry you have had to feel such frustration over this. I hope that letting things happen at their own pace is going to work out better for all of you. I really like April’s words of comfort. (It’s not something you even think about, but it’s so true.)

  9. What worked for R. (and I may have told you this before) was when I told him, “Ok, you mess your pants, then you are cleaning yourself.” After two times of cleaning himself up, he was completely potty trained. LOLOL Am I the most cruel ever? But hey. It worked.


  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Don’t WORRY about potty training. If Alyson is right and it’s in the genes, well, boys on our side never manage until age 3, almost 4–and that goes for both your brothers and your cousins I potty trained. Well, actually, I let nature pretty much take its course. When they’re ready, they’re ready and there are all but no accidents. Sooner, and they weren’t really ready. I’ve seen many parents who claim their child is potty trained, but it is my observation that it was really the parent who was “trained”–to watch the child for signs, to have the child go every X minutes or every X o’clock.

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