Car Music

So I’m driving down the road today when I notice this red Volkswagon Jetta with Oregon liscence plates. At every light and stop sign, the driver seems to be seriously rocking out to whatever music he was listening to. I saw him air guitaring it, almost complete headbanging, singing along, and air drumming. He was having such a good time! I wanted to follow him to where ever it was he was going just to ask him what music he was listening to. It looked way too enjoyable.

I used to have a tape that Jerkfaced Liar made for me back in high school titled “Car Music”. It had all our favorite songs for road trips and such. Actually, I still have the tape, somewhere. Anyway, it’s full of everything: U2, the Pogues, Violent Femmes, the Beatles, and one of my favorite songs ever: “American Pie” (“And the marching band refused to yeild!”). There’s a ton (that’s “tonne” for all you Canucks) of music that I dn’t know who it is to this day, but when I happen to hear the song on the radio, I love it. I love car music.

Now that we have iTunes, I’d like to download some new music. I want to make a new Car Music CD. Taking suggestions. What song makes you totally rock out in the car right now? I’m really liking “Holiday” by Green Day, but don’t necessarily want just the popular stuff that is constantly on the radio.


19 responses to “Car Music

  1. I just love the way you call that guy Jerkfaced Liar. I don’t know the guy or anything about him, I just love reading that name. 😉

    Try something by Rammstein. That’s excellent car music. “Feuer Frei” was in the movie XXX, but there are so many other good ones.

  2. Son Et Lumiere by Mars Volta
    New Orleans is Sinking by the Tragically Hip
    Monkey Gone to Heaven by the Pixies
    Happy Birthday to Me by Cracker
    Who Wants to Live Forever? by Queen
    Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips
    O Fortuna from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff
    Shoplifters Of The World Unite by the Smiths

    There are, of course, a million, but these are the first that came to mind.

  3. oops, I forgot the White Stripes.

    oh, and I didn’t even think about the timing of the Tragically Hip song (post-Katrina and all); it’s just a great song from an old album that only the die-hard fans seem to know.

  4. Karen took my first choice which would be Rammstein (although I would choose Sehnsucht, or Du Riechst So Gut).

    My other suggestions would be:

    Girlfriend in a Coma – The Smiths
    Third Uncle – Bauhaus
    Stigmata – Ministry
    Gone Daddy Gone – Violent Femmes
    I Wanna Be Sedated – Ramones
    Dominion/Mother Russia – Sisters of Mercy
    Lazy Generation – The F-Ups
    Twist and Crawl – The English Beat
    London Calling – The Clash

  5. LOVE Tragically Hip!! Right now I have “The Hockey Song” by them. “Gone Daddy Gone” is pretty great, too. Got that on CD. “Who Wants to Live Forever?” is beautiful, but makes me cry because I think of Tessa dying on “Highlander” (that and “Dust in the Wind”). I can’t wait to download all of these and see what I get. A lot of this stuff I don’t know. So ready to expand my horizons. Keep em coming, people! 🙂

  6. “Take Me Out” and “This Fire” by Franz Ferdinand (they’re Scottish, dude!)

    “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers

    “Pain” and “Futures” by Jimmy Eat World

    “Addicted”, “A Perfect World”, “Shut Up”, “Welcome to my Life” and “Me Against the World” by Simple Plan (and they’re Canadian!)

    “Under The Bridge” and “Californication” by Red Hot Chili Peppers (they’re ballads, pretty much, but SOOOOO good!)

    “We are all on Drugs” by Weezer

    “Swing Life Away” by Rage Against (don’t bother with the rest of the album. It sucks.)

    “Dream On” by Aerosmith

    “Last Chance” and “Rollover DJ” by Jet (and another ballad, “Look what you’ve done” is excellent)

    “Vertigo” by U2

    “Dirty Water” the new version, by Bronson Arroyo

    “Vindicated” by Dashboard Confessional

    “American Idiot”, “Wake me up When September Ends”, “Basket Case” and “Jaded [Brain Stew]” by Green Day (you can’t really go wrong with Green Day)

    “E-Pro” by Beck (this dude is awesome, does all the music himself)

    “Punk Rock 101”, “1984” by Bowling for Soup

    “Unwell” by Matchbox 20

    “All the Simple Things” (don’t remember the band)

    “Another Postcard” by Barenaked Ladies

    that covers a LOT…I should just burn you a CD and then you can put it on itunes….

  7. i’m just throwing the first 10 songs on my drive list out there. i never was one of the cool kids. heh.

    i drove all night – roy orbison (heh. obvious.)
    instanbul – they might be giants
    never ending math equation – modest mouse
    o.k with my decay or straydog and the chocolate shake – grandaddy
    mr. brightside – the killers
    perestroika – stephen bennett
    too hard to handle – black crows
    what makes the monkey dance – chuck prophet
    wishing well – terence trent d’arby

    i love how diverse music collections are these days. heh.

    proud mum already pointed you towards the pixies and flaming lips so i went with the B-ORING drive. heh

  8. In honour of today (and now that we’ve all established that the Tragically Hip rock) get “Nautical Disaster” if you don’t already have it.

  9. I heard a song on the radio this morning that I hadn’t heard in a while. It’s a perfect driving song.

    I Wanna Be A Cowboy by Boys Don’t Cry

  10. I love music; here’s a list of tunes I jam out to in my car: (caution – not all are kid-friendly)

    “All These Things I’ve Done” – The Killers
    “Bubble Toes” – Jack Johnson
    “The Remedy” – Jason Mraz
    “Curbside Prophet” – Jason Mraz
    “Wordplay” – Jason Mraz? or Jack Johnson?
    “The Real Me” – Zebrahead
    “Don’t Speak” – No Doubt
    “Spiderwebs” – No Doubt
    “Rich Girl” – Gwen Stefani
    “Satellite” – Dave Matthews Band
    “Sheep Go To Heaven” – Cake
    “The Distance” – Cake
    “Rock and Roll Lifestyle” – Cake
    “#1 Crush” – Garbage
    “Blister In The Sun” – Violent Femmes
    “American Music” – Violent Femmes
    “Blue and Yellow” – The Used
    “Brass Monkey” – Beastie Boys
    “Girls” – Beastie Boys
    “Triple Trouble” – Beastie Boys
    “Cadillac” – Mest
    “December” – Collective Soul
    “Down” – 311
    “Fat Lip” – Sum 41
    “Feel Good Inc” – Gorillaz
    “Flagpole Sitta” – Harvey Danger
    “Fly” – Sugar Ray
    “Whoever you Are” – Geggy Tah ——> (love this one while driving)
    “Heaven” – Live
    “I Alone” – Live
    “Lightening Crashes” – Live
    “Here In Your Bedroom” – Goldfinger
    “Here’s To The Night” – Eve 6
    “In The Middle” – Jimmy Eat World
    “In Too Deep” – Sum 41
    “Jeremy” Pearl – Jam
    “Jump Right In” – The Urge
    “Learn To Fly” – Foo Fighters
    “Light and Day” – Polyphonic Spree (good for winterguard!)
    “Little Things” – Good Charlotte
    “Loser” – Beck
    “Chick Magnet” – MXPX
    “My Doorbell White” – Stripes
    “One Thing” – Finger Eleven
    “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” – Offspring
    “Secret Smile” – Semisonic
    “Shine” – Collective Soul
    “Sink To The Bottom” – Fountains of Wayne
    “Song 2” – Blur
    “Summertime” – Sublime
    “Super Rad” – Aquabats
    “The Roof Is On Fire” – Bloodhound Gang (not 4 children!)
    “Why’s Everybody Always Picking On Me?” – Bloodhound Gang
    “When September Ends” – Green Day
    “Basketcase” – Green Day
    “Will I Ever Make It Home” – Ingram Hill
    “You And Me Song” – The Wannadies
    “Fat Bottom Girls” – Queen
    “Bohemiam (sp?) Rhapsody” – Queen
    “Run Around” – Blues Traveler

    *ANY “WEEZER” SONG They are my most Fav. Band Ever! Weezer Blue Album, Green Album, Pinkerton, Maladroit, Make Believe SONGS: “Beverly Hills”, “El Scorcho”, “Buddy Holly”, “In The Garage”, “My Name Is Jonas”, “My Best Friend”, “Island In The Sun”, “Undone – The Sweater Song”, “Say It Ain’t So”, “Noone Else”, “Jamie”, “The World Has Turned & Left Me Here”, “Keep Fishin”, “Photograph”, “Dope Nose”, “Possibilities”, “Hash Pipe”.

    “Smart” – Third Wind (a local band in Salt Lake City, UT — heard it on WSU’s 88.1 “The Edge” — my wedding song)

    That’s all I can think of now. 🙂

  11. I have to laugh, I don’t hardly recognize any of the lkist of music posted. I guess I just “rock” out to that wild classical music of mine, and strange things like yodeling, Belefante, Gypsy Kings,flamenco, and big band Jazz. The most “popular” I’ve gotten in a long time is Grobin and Sara Brightman. Guess I’m just hopeless you guys. My children are doomed!! 🙂

  12. Julia, I love the Gypsy Kings!

    Sariah, one more and then I promise to stop (but this has been very fun for me, you must know.) If you can find “Wanna Be Sailors” by Kinship (a Canadian Celtic Rock band) you’ll get a good laugh. Donald Where’s your Trousers? and Canne Shuv Yer Grannie are also good ones, but my favourite is Wanna Be Sailors.

  13. The last few days I’ve been jammin’ in my car to the ‘Singles Ward’ and ‘The R.M.’ Sountracks; all-the-while thinking, I should post that these are great tunes to rock out to. They’re upbeat, and ya already know the words! hehe!

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