Books I’m Reading Right Now

Just in case anyone is interested. And yes, I’m reading them all simultaneously (I tend to read the non-fiction church books just a litle bit at a time, while I read fiction non-church books all at once. Can’t put ’em down for the life of me. Unless they suck, and even then I have a hard time not finishing a book).

The Testament by Elie Wiesel (Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and author of Night. Also a good one)

Lighten Up! by Chieko N. Okazaki (given to me by one of the color guard coaches I work with to help me personally as I go through this post partum depression thing)

No One Can Take Your Place by Shari Dew (given to me by Ches for Christmas last year. Also great for my mental health at this time in my life)


3 responses to “Books I’m Reading Right Now

  1. Elie Weisel spends most of his day directly across the street from me, at the BU Center for Judaic Studies.

    I attended a lecture by him earlier this year. The man is genius, and the single best lecturer I’ve ever heard.

    I haven’t read that book by him, but I really enjoyed “Night”.

  2. add to the list: my many colored days – dr. suess

    jumpstart your brain- can’t remember the author

    OH OH! and check out SARKS playjournal.

    hmm… after looking at my suggestions, i see i haven’t really grown up much in the last 30 years. heh

  3. Fourth Fret–love, love My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. I got it for my almost 3 yr old when he was like 6 months. Its a favorite in our house. If I was reading right now I’d share them. But since I’m not…

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