I’m a Bad Mommy!

So I had to put Aiden in Time Out a few minutes ago (for not obeying… yelling really loudly and playing with the phone when I had already said “no” and for not coming when I called him. Several times. Many warnings. anyrate…). I sat him in his Time Out/Quiet Time chair, and came back to the computer.

Then I forgot about him.

The poor kid sat there for almost 15 minutes! Time for Mommy to go in Time Out.

And now I’m late for rehearsal. Guess what? I don’t care right now!!


2 responses to “I’m a Bad Mommy!

  1. I fell asleep once when one of mine was in a time out in their room. I won’t tell you how long I was out but let’s just say luckily he likes books…BAD MOMMY!


  2. When Nathan and I were engaged I was working for a couple months at a daycare. One evening a little boy did something bad and I put him on timeout in the corner. And then TOTALLY forgot about him (there were bookshelves back there, and somehow he blended in or something). It was somewhere around 1 1/2 to 2 hours later when I looked over and he was still sitting in the corner!!! I felt SOOOOOOO bad!

    Only forgetting for 15 minutes isn’t that bad. When Jenacy was a newborn and Jaedin was mean to her he’d get an automatic 15 minute timeout. He bit her really bad once and was on timeout for well over an hour. But now he’s really nice to her so he hasn’t gotten any long timeouts in quite a while.

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