One More Thing…

Because of the marching band competition (for me) and an out of town football game (for Ches), we missed the Saturday session of General Conference. On Sunday we were so wiped there was no way were were going to the stake house to watch the broadcast, so we listened to it on the computer. It worked better when we did that last April. I didn’t get much of anything this time. SO…

Looking for suggestions on your favorite talks so I know what to start with. I want to read them all and really study them (for once), but I don’t want to just sit down and start reading them from beginning to end. (Trust me, there is a method to my madness. Don’t ask). For my LDS readers out there (or any of you who aren’t LDS but watched/listened to Conference anyway??)… what did you enjoy or get the most out of? Oh, I missed the Relief Society broadcast last week, too. I never get that one in.


6 responses to “One More Thing…

  1. Thomas S. Monsson (sp?) was always picked last for baseball but then he started to practice and he was picked earlier. That was at Preastood meeting.

  2. I missed conference too. Our internet connection is too slow (Nathan had to work, and for some reason the thought of taking care of 2 kids by myself at the the stake center for 4 hours didn’t seem all that appealing). says that the transcripts will be available Thursday. I’ve heard that they talked a lot about family. And another couple of temples were announced in the Salt Lake valley! Wow!

  3. I missed Saturday Morning session. Shane came home from Priesthood session very hyped about budgeting, food storage and getting out of debt. Its hard to focus even with it on t.v. in the living room with toddlers running around and screaming.

  4. I liked the Primary President’s talk which surpries me. I usually find them grating because they like tot alk to millions of adults like we’re four years old. I hate that!

    I also liked Elder Oaks’ talk on family relationships being more enduring than church ones.

    Elder Holland was good, he talked to teh youth and since I’m in YW I enjoyed that one as well.

    Elder Eyring is one of my absolute favorites! He didn’t let me down this conference either, talking about trials adn faith to endure through them.

    Sunday though my favorites were Elder Scott in the morning session and Elder Nelson in the afternoon.

    I wonder if it would be a abd idea to get a babysitter next conference though because my kids were not cooperative.

  5. The RS broadcast was about making ourselves instruments unto the Lord. It was really good but at this point I can’t quote anything. (It was my first long trip with Little Red alone with Daddy. They did surprisingly well.)

    The rest of conference I’m going to have to read. Sunday’s first session was the only time my MIL got to visit us, so we talked a lot. And while my body was in the room for the afternoon session my baby and my fatigue kept me from retaining anything.

    I remember that I liked it. And I remember saying that I was glad that Uchtdorf was talking about “that.” (Whatever that was.)

  6. I think my two favs were Elder Oaks and Elder Holland. There were others that I liked too but those ones stood out the most.

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