Why I Love My Bed

When I was doing my student teaching, my cooperating teacher asked me what kinds of things I liked to do (besides music, as this is what I was teaching). He said that you have to have other hobbies and activities to have a break from your job. “So, what do you like to do, Sariah?”

“Ummmm, I like to sleep.”

He laughed and laughed at me, then told all the other teachers at school and the principal that my favorite hobby was sleeping.

Well, it kind of is! I love to sleep! Except for those times that I’m fighting insomnia, I would spend all my time asleep in my bed. I love my bed. It’s wonderful!

When Ches and I got married, we had nothing. I mean, nothing. We moved into our apartment and spread a sleeping bag on the floor, sat on it and leaned up against some boxes. “This is our couch!” we proudly annouced to each other. So we slowly but surely gathered belongings from places like the Salvation Army. We borrowed a bed from our brother-in-law, Calvin. It was a full-size, not very firm bed. That bed was okay, but we wanted our own.

After a year of marriage, we were still in school and got our student loan checks. We went to a furniture store and spent hours looking at and laying down on mattresses. I really wanted a California King (but would be happy with a King) pillowtop mattress. Ches said it was too big and that we didn’t have the money for a pillowtop. So we got a Queen size, Serta mattress. It’s so pretty. A creamy color. Firm enough for Ches, yet soft enough for me. And Ches got me a body pillow since I didn’t get the pillowtop like I wanted. That sure came in handy years later when I was pregnant!

I am totally in love with my bed. I love clean sheet day. I would lay in bed and read and sleep all day on clean sheet day, if I could.

Ches got me a little surprise when I had Dallin a few months ago. He bought a Memory Foam mattress pad. Combined with the regular cotton mattress pad under the sheets, we now have the most heavenly bed possible. Ches sleeps soundly, I’m very comfortable, and even Aiden seems to really like it (since he is coming into our room every night, trying to sleep with us.). I have fallen in love with my bed all over again. I still wish we had a King size (because of Aiden, really), but my bed is so perfect now.

And now I’m going to lay down and take a short nap before I have to go to marching band.


13 responses to “Why I Love My Bed

  1. Great bed story! We both lived in phoenix during our three month engagement. We spent a lot of time going to furniture stores looking at bed etc so we actually had something to put in our apartment. One day we were in a store and looking at a bed as we walked out (I assume looking sad) this couple approached us and asked if we were looking for a bed. Told us to follow them to their house where they gave us a queen box spring and mattress. We had that up till jan 04 when we got a temperpedic mattress knock-off, its a king size which you’re right is wonderful for kids wanting to sleep in the bed too. Now that we’ve had it for over a year I think I’d rather have a regular mattress with the memory foam on top…

  2. I wish i could love my bed. But the best day is clean sheet day with freshly shaved legs and an open window. One day… just not now.

  3. oh I totally agree with alyson! clean sheet day is the best! Especially if it occurs the same day as newly shaved legs, and I will admit open windows are nice too, but I’ve never been a big fan of cold sheets…

  4. My bed sucks. I don’t have any sort of mattress pad, just a stupid uncomfortable x-long twin plastic matress. And orange sheets. That I haven’t washed in like a month. But I guess that’s college, right?
    Your bed sounds so nice. Makes me sleeeepyyyy….

  5. Okay, not to say too much here… but my favorite day is actually clean sheet day with newly shaved legs (thanks for reminding me, Al), and being totally naked under the sheets. There is nothing like that feeling in the world. Ches just doesn’t get it.

  6. I don’t shave. I believe it’s a sign of the male domination over female. You may say you shave because YOU like it, but seriously, chicks started doing it for guys.
    Yes, I’m very much a feminist. Females still don’t get equal pay in the workplace, am I the only one worried about that?

  7. Nathan is 6′ 2″ tall. On his mission there was one apartment that had a California King size bed. He said it was the only bed he’s ever slept in where his feet didn’t hang off the end. Someday I’m going to get a California King for him 🙂

  8. My parents gave us a bed for our wedding. It is now wearing thin and we can feel the springs… perhaps a memory foam top would fix the problem without having to buy a new matress? hmmmmmmmm…

  9. terrierchica: I went through that phase of not shaving in high school and college. In college it was because we weren’t allowed to wear shorts on the Ricks College campus and to help keep me a little warmer during the winter months. It is fun to not shave in a long time but it is nice to have the clean newly shaved legs.

  10. I thought I was THE ONLY ONE to pay homage to clean sheet day…OMGosh I can hardly believe that there is someone else out there like me…*wink*…no seriously though, I thought I WAS the only one!


  11. ain’t nothin’ wrong with loving your bed with your whole body. heh. i love my bed as well… and try to spend as much time with it as i can. i think a lot of it has to do with the fact it surrounded by comforting things, and is a place of refuge.

    i don’t get it when people say they hate being in bed. i’m like… you need a new bed then. beds are our friends. love your bed, and it will love you. 😀

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