My Son, the Babysitter

Aiden is such a good big brother! One day, about a month ago, Aiden came running into the bathroom as I was taking a shower to announce in a very worried voice, “Mom! Dallin’s awake! Dallin’s crying!”

“I’ll be out in a minute,” I replied. I ended up taking , my time, however (I cherish long, hot showers.).

I came out of the bedroom, but could hear no crying. I entered the boys’ bedroom where, to my great surprise, Dallin was fast asleep. Aiden was sitting on the couch, watching TV in the front room.

“Aiden,” I asked,”what happened to Dallin?”

“He woke up, Mom. Then Dallin fall asleep.” Aiden had gone in the room, climbed in the crib, and comforted Dallin back to sleep.

Today. I was in the shower (yes, again. I do that). Both boys were in the front room watching “Magic Schoolbus”. Again, Aiden runs into the bathroom. “Mom! Dallin just spit up!”

“Okay, clean it up. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Sure enough, when I came out a few minutes later, there was no evidence of spit up anywhere (except for the used blanket next to Dallin), and Aiden was singing and dancing to make his little brother laugh.

Who needs a sitter when I have my three year old???


8 responses to “My Son, the Babysitter

  1. Wow I would do anything to have my 3 yr old care that much for his little sister. Usually she’s crying as a result of something HE did to her. Maybe he’ll be that caring for next sibling, whenever that is.

  2. I remember that kind of love when Dakota was three…wait no I don’t. I just hope his 3 ends as nicely as it started. I still have nightmares of when D was three and E was one.

  3. You’re the one with the kid named Dakota!?

    I LOVE that name!!

    If I were ever to have a kid (which I’m not, I don’t like kids) I’d name it Dakota.

  4. Jaedin had a REALLY rough start with Jenacy, but now he is SUPER nice to her too. Whenever she starts fussing over something he’ll call from where ever he is “Don’t worry Jenacy! I’ll be right back!” and then he’ll come running and give her a hug or give her a toy to play with. They’re really sweet together! Even when he’s mad he doesn’t ever take it out on her. I’m so glad!

  5. Alyson: thats where I am right now. Will will be 3 in November and Sydnie just turned 1 in July. Please tell me it gets better!?!?

  6. I got Aiden a birthday present today. I’m totally corrupting him by this…but you’ll have to wait and see what it is when it comes in the mail..

  7. My eldest is pretty good with his little brother, but not always. It’s like they can’t bear to be away from each other, but they cannot stop pestering each other, either.


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