Both of My Boys

Here they are. My two sons. They are really the best of friends right now. They like to entertain each other and make each other laugh. It’s funny to be driving down the street and hear them laughing at each other in the back seat. For no reason at all. They are so funny together. I sure hope this lasts a while!

One day, shortly after Dallin was born, I was holding him and Aiden wanted to sit on my lap, too. I let him climb up, and as I held them both, I said “I have both of my boys!” Now, every time Aiden wants me to hold him when I already have Dallin in my arms he says “I want both of my boys. Mom, you want both of my boys.” It’s like it’s the title of a game.


9 responses to “Both of My Boys

  1. How beautiful are THEY?! What sweethearts! Especially what Aiden says about holding both of your boys…It’s just too cute for words…We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried!

    You make me want to have another!! (and I cannot!)

    Seriously, they’re pretty children. (They look like Ches!) (I’m playing with your head! You always were pretty, too.) I also admire your bravery at posting pictures of your kids on the Internet…I wish I weren’t so paranoid….
    Hey, how close in age are your little fellas? I forget….


  2. I think they look like themselves and not their parents.
    Just my view.
    I’d never seen a picture of Dallin before, I don’t think, and he’s my nephew!

  3. just wait till one of ’em dunks the other one’s head in the toilet after a bath.

    i mean… that happens in every family, right? 😦

  4. Well, for goodness’ sake…I wasn’t slamming Sariah just because I thought Aiden looks like Ches….Sariah, you know I think you’re gorgeous. Right?

    -Angel, xoxo.

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