O Canada!

It seems that a lot of the people who read my blog (and I know there really aren’t many, but that’s okay. I’ll live) are Canadian. I don’t really know how this came to be, as I am as American as can be. However, I love Canada, so I decided to dedicate this post to my Canadian friends out there, Dave Letterman style (I just won’t be funny. Sorry).

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Canada:

10. It’s clean. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. These people know how to throw away trash! My favorite line from the movie “Canadian Bacon” is “Let’s cross the border [into Toronto] and throw some trash on the ground. That’ll really tick ’em off!” (or something to that effect. Saw the movie a stinkin’ long time ago).

9. Canadians can have a major sporting event happen without having a riot following the win.

8. Hockey. I know, I know. The official sport is actually lacrosse, but I LOVE hockey! Now that is a sport. Go Flames Go!

7. Comedians and actors. Seems like a lot of the best ones come from Canada: Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox, William Shatner… I suddenly went blank. But sit down with my husband and he can tell you.

6. Molson beer. No, I don’t drink (ever!), but I loved the “I am Canadian” commercials. Too funny.

5. Everyone says “Eh”. It’s kind of cute! After a visit up north, I always come home with an accent and saying “eh” and the end of my sentences.

4. Aero bars. And Coffee Crisp. And Nanaimo bars. And Macintosh Tofee. (I would add Junior Caramels, but now we can get them here in the States). Oh, and for Ches: Smarties and Old Dutch ketchup chips. (If anyone feels like doing a really nice thing, mail me some Canadian chocolate bars! I’ll be your best friend forever!!)

3. Boxing Day sales. Between the sale prices and the exchange rate, I have scored some amazing deals!!

2. The music! Of course I love the Barenaked Ladies (couldn’t live without them), but a few of my other favorites include Our Lady Peace and the Tragically Hip. Again, went blank on some others, but you get the idea.

And the Number One Reason Why I Love Canada…

1. Ches!!!! Had to import my husband from Calgary, and it was well worth it. I have the best husband ever (even when I can’t stand him!).


9 responses to “O Canada!

  1. Sariah I am disapoited. You forgot to things. The Oilers (They are so awsome they get a number for themselves) and in the famus people section John Candy. Great acter right there. Ever seen Canadian Bacon?

    MY HOME AND NATIVE…native…
    *glance to friend*
    “dude, it’s ‘native land'”

    Ahaha…American beer commercials rock. Especially those hockey falls commercials.

  3. There is just no comparison between our Canadian chocolate and chocolate made in the U.S. No offence to anyone that likes it, but Hershey’s chocolate has an unmistakable flavour that reminds me of stomach acid. Give me a Cadbury’s product any day (although technically, I guess, they’re British).

    BTW, you forgot Tim Horton’s donuts and coffee. Krispy Kreme went bankrupt in Canada. They do not serve good coffee.

  4. Oh no it’s me again. I found your last comment on my blog very interesting. Please check out my reply. (This sounds like spam. HAHA!)

  5. Did this Richard guy even read your blog? The first point quoted Canadian Bacon!

    Anyway, as a Canadian who frequents your blogs I want to say thank you for your tribute.

    And I agree with Karen, chocolate should not have so much wax (quick, let’s bring Purdy’s down and maybe Hershey’s will get the message. Or import more Cadbury’s. Or something delightfully Belgian… mmmmmmmm)

    “How do you like your coffee?”
    “I like my coffee crisp.”
    “Yes, I like my Coffee Crisp”

    (strangely enough, this is what I did -quoting the old coffee crisp commercial- when I needed a break from studying for music lit as one in my study group was also Canadian.)

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